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Interest Rate for Cashewstable - CosmicCheetah: Not available
Repayment Terms:

This agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which the loan must be repaid. The borrower agrees to repay the principal sum and accrued interest in accordance with the schedule specified herein. Payments are due monthly, beginning one month from the issuance of the loan. The interest rate applied to the principal is dynamic, reflecting current market conditions and the liquidity pool's utilization rate, and is calculated as per the formula stated in the liquidity pool smart contract.

Early repayment of the loan is permitted without incurring any penalties. In the event of late payments, additional interest may accrue on the outstanding balance at a rate determined by the prevailing conditions. Default on payments beyond an agreed period may result in enforcement actions, including but not limited to, the liquidation of collateral as per the terms of the collateral agreement.

The borrower has the right to review these terms periodically. Any modifications to the terms, including interest rate adjustments, will be communicated in advance and will take effect from the next payment cycle following the notification.


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In the dynamically evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi), innovation is the currency that powers transformative solutions. At the heart of this vibrant ecosystem, we present Shew, the native token of the CashewSwap platform, a groundbreaking financial tool redefining the realms of DeFi. Shew is not just a cryptocurrency; it's a beacon of innovation, setting a new standard in the decentralized space.
Shew operates within the Polygon network, known for its scalability, security, and superior performance, offering a conducive environment for Shew to thrive and grow. Our commitment is to provide an inclusive financial ecosystem where users can earn rewards seamlessly while participating actively in the governance of the platform.

The Shew token brings to the forefront groundbreaking features like reflection and liquidity mining, aiming to foster a community-centric decentralized platform where the power truly rests in the hands of the users.
Technical Specifications
Smart Contract Details
  • Language: Solidity ^0.8.9
  • License: MIT
  • Dependencies: OpenZeppelin Contracts
  • Tokenomics:
    • Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
    • Reflection Rate: Variable (Initially set at 5%)
    • Staking Rewards Rate: Variable (Initially set at 1%)
1. Reflection Mechanism

A unique feature of the Shew token is the reflection mechanism where a percentage of each transaction is redistributed among the existing holders. This ensures that holders are continuously rewarded simply by holding the tokens in their wallet.

2. Liquidity Mining

Users can stake their liquidity provider tokens to earn rewards over time. The rewards are dynamically generated with each block, ensuring a fair and transparent reward distribution system.

3. Community Governance

Shew introduces a decentralized governance system where proposals can be raised for the modification of critical parameters like reflection rate and staking rewards rate. Token holders can vote on these proposals, with the majority decision being implemented.

4. Pausable & Ownable

To ensure utmost security and proper governance, the contract includes pausable and ownable features, allowing the owner to pause transactions in case of any discrepancy and ensuring that only the owner can call certain functions.

The Shew smart contract incorporates various functions that empower users to:
  • Add or Remove Liquidity: Users can add or remove liquidity to the liquidity pool, thus contributing to the stability of the token.
  • Claim Rewards: Users can claim rewards generated from liquidity mining at any time.
  • Create and Vote on Proposals: The community can actively participate in the governance of the platform by creating and voting on proposals.
  • Transfer Tokens with Reflection: Users can transfer tokens with an inbuilt reflection mechanism, encouraging holding and community growth.
Q4, 2023
  • Launch of Shew Token: Official launch on the CashewSwap platform.
  • Community Engagement: Engaging the community to foster a collaborative environment.
  • Partnerships: Forming strategic partnerships to enhance the ecosystem.
Q1, 2024
  • Governance Proposals: Implementation of the first community-driven proposals.
  • Expansion of Staking Pools: Introduction of new staking pools with attractive rewards.
  • Marketing and Community Growth: Initiatives to grow the community and increase the token's visibility.
Q2, 2024
  • Integration with other DeFi Products: Integrating Shew token within a wider range of DeFi products and services.
  • Mobile Application: Launch of mobile application to enhance user experience.
  • Community Events: Hosting community events to foster collaboration and innovation.
The Shew token is not just a cryptocurrency; it embodies the spirit of decentralization, fostering a community where innovation, collaboration, and financial inclusiveness are at the forefront. With its unique features and community-centric approach, Shew aims to redefine the DeFi landscape, offering a vibrant and inclusive financial ecosystem.

Join us in this exciting journey as we embark on a mission to create a decentralized platform where everyone is a stakeholder, and every voice matters. Together, let's shape the future of finance, one block at a time. Welcome to the Shew community, where your financial freedom begins.
This document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to sell shares or securities in CashewSwap or any related or associated company. Any such offer or solicitation will be made only by means of a confidential offering memorandum and in accordance with the terms of all applicable securities and other laws.

DrakeHotline Token ($Bling) Whitepaper


The DrakeHotline Token, denoted as $Bling, stands as a novel meme token, conceived on the Ethereum blockchain, and operationalized through the Polygon network. With its foundation rooted in OpenZeppelin contracts, the token manifests as an ERC20 token. It is meticulously crafted to bestow rewards upon its holders via a staking reward schema, an innovative reflection mechanic, and a pioneering democratic proposal system. This system not only grants power but also entrusts responsibility to the token holders, ensuring an inclusive growth trajectory. The intrinsic mechanisms of the contract empower the owner with the ability to intermittently pause and resume token transfers, serving as a safeguard against potential adversities.

1. Tokenomics

The Drakehotline token begins its journey with an inaugural supply pegged at 1,000,000,000,000,000 $Bling. The token has integrated avant-garde mechanics to incentivize and reward its holders.

1.1 Reflection Mechanics

A cornerstone feature of the token is its reflection rate, solidified at 5%. This ensures that upon every token transaction, the sender is automatically credited with an added 5% of the transacted amount in the form of reflected tokens.

1.2 Staking Rewards

Serving as another pillar of the token's mechanics is the staking rewards system. The preset rate for staking rewards stands at 1%. The contract is inherently designed to assess a holder's eligibility for rewards each time they initiate a transfer. Should a holder remain dormant in claiming rewards for a span of six hours, they are automatically credited with a reward, equivalent to 1% of their prevailing balance.

2. Proposals and Voting

The democratic essence of DrakeHotline is encapsulated in its proposal and voting system. This system accords token holders the privilege to exercise their voting rights on various proposals. Each proposal is meticulously curated with a descriptive narrative and a target objective, exclusively by the contract owner.

The weight of a token holder's vote is directly proportional to their token balance, ensuring a fair and balanced voting mechanism. Each proposal is allotted a voting timeframe of seven days. Post this period, the proposal is sealed, barring any further votes.

3. Pause and Unpause Mechanism

Incorporating a strategic pause mechanism, the contract grants the owner the authority to temporarily suspend all token transfers. This feature is paramount in scenarios where the token or the encompassing network faces potential threats or vulnerabilities. Once the threat subsides and normalcy is restored, the owner can activate the unpause function, resuming regular token transfers.

4. Contract Structure and Security

The structural integrity of the DrakeHotline contract is fortified using OpenZeppelin contracts. Recognized and revered for their impenetrable security and robustness within the Ethereum developer ecosystem, these contracts provide a steadfast foundation. The DrakeHotline contract is an amalgamation of the ERC20, Pausable, and Ownable contracts derived from OpenZeppelin. This blend ensures the contract is not only secure but also operates on a foundation of thoroughly vetted code.


The DrakeHotline Token ($Bling) is not just a token; it's a paradigm shift in the meme token arena. Its ability to reward its holders through pioneering reflection and staking mechanics sets it apart. By entrusting power to its community through its voting system, it ensures an inclusive, democratic, and community-driven approach to growth. With its underpinnings in secure, tried, and tested code, the DrakeHotline token is poised to redefine the meme token landscape, offering a rewarding and inclusive experience to its community.

Viktor S. Kristensen

Viktor S. Kristensen

Founder and Chief Executive


Smart Contract designer and webdesigner

Sebastian Psilander

Sebastian Psilander

Co-founder and Vice President


Cryptocurrency guru


The Tokenomics of DrakeHotline Token ($Bling) is meticulously designed to ensure sustainable growth and value distribution among its community.

  • Development Expenses: 3%
  • Marketing Expenses: 3%
  • Staff/Team Payments: 3%
  • Reflections: 3%


Q4 2023: Token Launch & Initial Liquidity

  • Launch of DrakeHotline Token ($Bling) on Ethereum mainnet.
  • Initial liquidity pool set up on decentralized exchanges (e.g., Uniswap).
  • Initial token distribution to early adopters and community members.

Q1 2024: Community Building & Marketing

  • Launch of community events and airdrop campaigns.
  • Intensive marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness.
  • Establishment of partnerships with influencers in the crypto space.

Q2 2024: Governance & Staking

  • Release of the governance smart contract to enable community voting.
  • Introduction of staking contracts, allowing token holders to earn staking rewards.

Q3 2024: Ecosystem Expansion

  • Launch of NFT Marketplace integrating $Bling as a payment and staking token.
  • Initiate partnerships with other projects for cross-chain compatibility and utility.

Q4 2024: Security & Scalability

  • Conduct a second round of smart contract audits to ensure the contract's security.
  • Begin research on Layer 2 solutions for scalability.

Q1 2025: Mobile App & Wallet

  • Launch of a dedicated mobile app with an integrated wallet for $Bling.
  • Implementation of fiat on-ramp solutions to buy $Bling directly with traditional currencies.

Q2 2025: Global Expansion

  • Localization of all platforms and documentation to reach global audiences.
  • Expansion into other blockchain networks for broader market penetration.

Q3-Q4 2025: Further Developments

  • To be decided based on community votes and technological advancements in the blockchain space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about DrakeHotline Token ($Bling)

What is the DrakeHotline Token ($Bling)?

The DrakeHotline Token ($Bling) is an innovative meme token based on the Ethereum blockchain and functional on the Polygon network. It utilizes OpenZeppelin contracts, adhering to the ERC20 standard.

What are the core features of $Bling?

The token offers a unique combination of staking rewards, reflection mechanics, and a democratic proposal system. These features aim to reward token holders and offer a democratic approach to decision-making.

What is the Tokenomics behind $Bling?

The token starts with an initial supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 $Bling and employs mechanisms like reflection and staking to reward its holders.

What is Reflection Mechanics?

Reflection mechanics is a feature that automatically credits 5% of the transacted amount back to the sender in the form of reflected tokens.

How do Staking Rewards work?

The staking rewards system offers a 1% reward on the current balance of a holder if they have not claimed rewards for six hours.

How does the Proposal and Voting System work?

The proposal and voting system allows token holders to vote on various proposals. The voting weight is proportional to the token balance of the holder. Each proposal has a voting timeframe of seven days.

What is the Pause and Unpause Mechanism?

This feature allows the contract owner to temporarily suspend all token transfers in case of emergency or threat. Once the issue is resolved, the owner can resume the transfers.

How secure is the DrakeHotline Token ($Bling)?

The token is built using OpenZeppelin contracts, which are known for their robust security. It incorporates ERC20, Pausable, and Ownable contracts, making it secure and operable on a foundation of thoroughly vetted code.

What sets $Bling apart?

$Bling is not just a meme token; it is a paradigm shift in how meme tokens can be both rewarding and democratic. It offers a community-driven approach with features that are designed to be inclusive and empowering for its holders.

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We are excited to announce our partnership with SpaceRaceCoin, an Ethereum-based token. This partnership aims to enhance the utility and adoption of both DrakeHotline Token ($Bling) and SpaceRaceCoin.

  • Token Type: Ethereum Token
  • Website: www.spaceracecoin.com
  • Collaboration Areas: Cross-promotions, liquidity pooling, and community events.

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